Take marketing breaks
(without losing income)

A marketing system that incorporates rest.
→ 3-Day email training series that walks you through designing your marketing system with intentional periods of marketing rest. You deserve it! (Want more details? See below.)

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    Systems Strategist

    (and lover of rest)

    Who am I?

    I’m Alicia-Joy. I’m the Joyful Systems Strategist with over 10 years experience in copywriting, marketing, and systems building.
    I want you to know two things:
    Thing #1 You're a living being, not a robot. You need and deserve space and time to rest from the marketing merry-go-round.

    Thing #2
    I don't believe in empty sayings and ideas that have no real-life application. You need practical guidance, not just concepts that sound nice. I want to help you design a marketing system that allows you to take breaks without losing income. Let's do it together! ❤

    What to expect:

    • Day 0 (Today): Welcome email
    • Day 1 (Tomorrow): The foundation of marketing in cycles (that allow for rest).
    • Day 2: Marketing Rest System sample worksheet with exercises to help you choose the best option for you. We’re not carbon copy robots of each other. You need to choose the options that best align with you, your audience, your goals.
    • Day 3: The framework in action. I’ll lay out an example framework so you can see it in action and start creating your system. + the suggested tools you need to get started.
    • You'll also receive my invitation to take the concepts from this training even deeper if you need customized help.