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Authentic marketing resources (to help you market yourself with integrity)

The popular approach to marketing is to create messages and sales pages that focus on overemphasizing your client’s and customer’s pain. I’m not about that life. There’s another way. Here are 9 authentic marketing resources to help you spread the word about your business.

This list is a combination of tools, podcast episodes, articles, and other useful goodies. Most of these are free, with the exception of a few books here and there. 🙂


Article: Business Tips as Surprising as the Artist Herself These tips are for artists but most of them are valuable for any entrepreneur, artist or not.


Book: Sold on Purpose: Marketing to the Conscious Consumer Sold On Purpose is a “comprehensive guide for savvy marketers who want to create meaningful, long-term relationships with their customers through shared values and a unique brand purpose.”


Several resources: Marketing without Social Media. I’m not anti-social media, but I recognize that using it to market a business feels inauthentic and out of alignment for many people. If that’s you, perhaps there’s another way. Writer Alexandra Franzen has written several useful articles -and a course- on how to grow and sustain a business without using social media marketing.


Book: Principles of Authentic Business: Create a Sustainable Livelihood from the Heart by George Kao. This book spells out many of Kao’s key ideas for growing a business with more heart. Kao is an author and “trusted marketing advisor”.


Book: Conscious Marketing: How to Create an Awesome Business with a New Marketing Approach by Carolyn Tate. “Conscious Marketing teaches you how to bring a higher purpose to marketing your business that can benefit customers, employees, investors, suppliers and the community. Through innovative principles and in-depth case studies, this book shows you how to turn your business into a movement that people will want to join.”


Audio: Trailblazer Podcast episode: The Power of Being Relational – in Business and Marketing. Stephen A. Hart with guest A. Nicole Campbell. This authentic marketing resource is all about building relationships with your audience and your network. It’s business growth approach that feels more relational and less salesy.


Book: The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media by Carlos Gil. Author Carlos Gil asserts that the most important thing brands can do in the post-pandemic age is to focus on being human and leading from a place of engagement.


Video: Confessions of a Liar. Marketing in the Era of Authenticity. TED talk by Gina Balarin about using marketing as a tool for authentically connecting with clients and customers.


Article: The 7 Commandments of Ethical Blogging. Solid insights for bloggers who want to build their blogs with integrity.


Book: Energetic Selling and Marketing: A New Way to Create Extraordinary Growth in Your Business by Lenka Lutonska. If you’ve been struggling to build your business following common marketing advice, this book is breath of fresh air. Well, more like a gentle tornado to wrap your mind and heart around. It will lift you up from frustration and set you down feeling solid and grounded about marketing and selling in your business. You’ll discover ways to grow that feel authentic and aligned with who you truly are.

How we market ourselves matters.

The words we use and the strategies and practices we embody are a direct reflection of our values.

I’ll be adding to this list periodically so check back or bookmark the page or sign up for the Unconventional Updates newsletter for a reminder when I add new resources to this list.


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