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Sell more of your offers and engage with your website users, without using tactics that aren’t aligned with your brand

I’m Alicia Joy. I help women entrepreneurs get more people engaging with their emails and web pages, connecting with their brand, and buying their offers. If you want to sell your stuff without selling out your integrity, let's do this. We are the Vision Holders!

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Build your writing muscles day-by-day with the Writer’s Journal

I'm a little abnormal. Let me explain. My best friend isn't a person; it's a book. My journal to be specific. Before you feel sorry for me, I do have good friends, but nothing can replace my writing journal, my safe space for developing my voice, planning my writing projects, and maintaing a writing habit.

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Resources for marketing your message and building your business mindfully

A selection of resources for entrepreneurs committed to selling without using manipulative marketing approaches. This list is a compilation of various resources, including articles, podcasts, books, and other useful goodies. Most of these are freeeee, with the exception of a few books here and there. :)

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Are manipulative sales tactics sneaking their way into your writing?

Get the Unconventional Updates newsletter. It's called Unconventional Updates because it isn't your typical newsletter. I help you identify and distinguish between sleazy (but surprisingly common) sales tactics and the opposite: copy that informs and uplifts. My goal is to help you understand how to write web pages and emails that connect, not manipulate.

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Does your brand engage well with your potential clients? A brandshare study revealed: “…87 percent of people across 12 countries want meaningful interactions with brands, yet only 17 percent of people think brands do it well.” -*Edelman

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Twice a month, I send the Unconventional Updates newsletter.

The newsletter helps you...

✨Understand how to connect to your authentic voice.

✨Write copy (text for your website) that engages and sells, without using mainstream sleazy tactics.

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