Here's why you cannot be duplicated, ever!


At 12 years old I wanted to be Janet Jackson. It wasn’t enough to watch her videos and dance along in admiration. No. That would be normal. (Never my style.) I  wanted to be her. So what do you do when you want to be someone you’re not? You watch their every move, study them, and try to be just like them.

I formed a fan club where we’d dress up Rhythm-Nation style, dance, sing, and pretty much look ridiculous. You couldn’t tell us that we weren’t a replica of our sacred leader. Here’s what we didn’t realize in our 12-year-old genius minds: Janet Jackson cannot be duplicated.

Nobody can. 

And this is the beauty of art.  

If you’re a blogger, author, or any other type of writer, you’ve probably noticed the ocean of people vying for attention. How can you create a body of work that gets noticed and cannot be duplicated by anyone else?

You do this by writing from your true voice. Consistently. 

It’s the precise way to rise above the noise. So, you’d think we’d all do it, right?

We don’t. Instead, in the process of admiring our mentors and the gurus,  our work starts to resemble theirs. And before we know it our websites and courses and blog posts are almost identical to the industry influencers. After all, if it worked for them, it must work for us, too, right?


What will work best for you is to create from your core. To connect with your voice and bleed it onto the page.

This doesn’t mean you will not get guidance and inspiration from mentors. Of course you will. But it does mean that when you write, create, produce your art, you do it from a place of your own truth. Not theirs or anybody else’s.

See, when you write from your true voice, you bring the truth of who you are (and all your experiences) to the page.

That cannot be duplicated.

When you get this, it loosens the grip of fear, jealousy, and competition. You no longer need to imitate anyone else and (thankfully) nobody can do that to you.

Sure they’ll try to copy you, unsuccessfully. But they haven’t lived your life. They cannot write from the unique, intricately woven perspective of who you are and who you’ve grown to be. Only one person can do that.

That’s you.


Here's why you cannot be duplicated, ever!


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