1. What an encouraging and positive post. I also don’t come from a family of writers. I’ve just always liked writing even in elementary school. I’ve thought about having a blog for a long time but didn’t have the courage to start. I wish I have done it 5 years ago but I am happy that I finally did it after all. Thanks for sharing this story.

    • You are so welcome, Kasia. Now is better than never. Way to go for starting! Thanks for your sweet comment.

  2. I have the degree in English literature and I still need this. I’m in!

  3. Sounds like such a good challenge😄 I love writing.

  4. Such a positive post. Working to achieve your dream is great. Inspirational 🙂

  5. I appreciate your courage to step away from your nursing job to pursue writing! My mom laughed too, but I’ve learned that I just have to do what I feel like is the right thing for me. It definitely takes some courage to put yourself out there. Thanks for being one who does!

  6. I definitely had a strong fear of starting. Who will read it? Why does anymore care what I have to say? And this post just helped me as to why I started all over again. Thank you!

  7. This post spoke to me! I feel unworthy of so much on a daily basis, not just writing….It’s a daily challenge for me to pick myself up and have confidence and silence that inner-critic. Thank you for reminding me that my voice matters!!