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I spent 23 days feeling creatively blocked. 23. I counted. This was during the earlier stages of my writing career. I’d have days where I was excited to sit and write for hours. Words flowing freely, engulfed in writer’s bliss. And then there were the other days. Do you know those ‘other’ days? I’m sure you can relate. Thick, sticky days marked by mere trickles of words falling heavily onto the page. I’d wonder if my creative brain had gone to sleep. Or abandoned me altogether. Something had to change. 

I still have days like this, but they’re less frequent.  On rare occasions, I feel so creatively blocked, that I don’t push through it. I find it’s better to switch focus (ie take a walk or read something), but most times when I am feeling this way, I just need a little nudge, a warm up to get me started.

A few things that help:



Every morning I journal. First, I free-flow write and then write to prompts. Before I started writing to prompts, I didn’t like the idea. I thought prompts were only for creative writing classes, not for everyday inspiration. (Not sure where I got that idea from.) Now I know better.

I know better because every day prompts offer me gentle nudges of inspiration. I use them as a springboard into the deeper recesses of my creative mind. Once I am there, I can continue to light the way with my own ideas, thoughts, feelings, and inspiration. But the prompts help me to get there. When I’ve finished journaling, my creativity is alight and ready for the day.

So I’m conducting an experiment. For the last month, I’ve been recording one-word creative prompts in podcast form. The podcast is called The Creative Prompt. Each day, I share a prompt to give you a gentle nudge of creative inspiration.

Each episode is approximately three minutes long. I’m dubbing it the ‘shortest podcast for creatives’ (I’m not sure if that’s even a good thing). It’s long enough for you to receive a nudge and a few words of inspiration, but still short enough for you to get on with your day. 

a small favor to ask

I’m looking for a core group of 20 listeners. This will be the beta group who’ll:

*listen to the podcast each day (missing a day or two is fine, of course. There’s no formal commitment)  

*use the prompt as creative inspiration (journal/sketch/take pictures or use the prompt as a theme in your work that day or simply reflect on the topic before starting your work)

* help out by providing feedback and (honestly) reviewing the podcast on iTunes.

I have 4 people signed up so far. Could you be one of the remaining 16?

If you’d like to give it a shot, click here and let me know. You’ll receive 1 quick check-in email per week (just for the 30 days).

Here’s the first episode (you can catch the rest on the Podcast page ). 

Thank you for listening. Please let me know how the prompts help you on your creative journey & if you’d like to join the Beta listening group. Leave me a comment below or send me a message. I’d love to hear from you.



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