Midweek Mashup: Roundup of articles and videos to help you make it through the week


(Midweek Mashup: Every other week, I feature a collection of videos + articles from around the web. Some will inspire your creativity, others will make you ponder a topic, smile, or even get up and dance.)

It’s the middle of the week and I’m feeling off-track. Timewise, that is. Monday felt like Sunday and today feels like Monday. Here in London, we lost an hour to Daylight Saving a few weeks ago. And I felt it. I used to hear people complain that the time changes messed up their rhythm (to which I’d slyly roll my eyes). Not anymore. I think it’s an age thing. I am definitely feeling it this year. How about you?

Hopefully, this roundup of videos and articles will help you if you’re feeling off-track, too. If for nothing else, I hope you smile.


Why do we ‘spring forward’, anyway? 

I went on a Google expedition to dig up some facts and theories about Daylight Saving Time (what it is, why it started, if all countries observe it, etc.). Found this: 6 Things to Know About Springing forward (including answers to your burning questions about DST)



Magic never gets old.

No matter how many times I’ve watched this each time I see it, I fall in love with it again. There is something so poignant and innocent and just beautiful about this little girl experiencing rain for the first time. #magical




The Coffee Shop Experiment

“Almost every day I sit down in a coffee shop….I always wonder what everyone else is doing.” I often wonder what others are working in coffee shops and libraries. What if you just asked them? This guy did. And the results of his little experiment were quite interesting.




On blogging, business building, and vulnerability

On of my favorite bloggers (Regina Anaejionu) is changing her entire business model. She’s just not quite sure exactly how….yet. So for the next 90 days, she’s in testing mode. Testing out her ideas and sharing about her journey. When most of us aren’t sure about our projects, we toil away in secret. Not Regina. Her keep-it-real style is why I’ve been a fan for years. She’ll be posting about it every day for the 90 days. Imagine! You can follow along here. Watching someone birth their next creative baby is (strangely) inspiring. It’s also reassuring that none of us has everything figured out. At some stage (or maybe all of the stages), we are all testing and trying as we go. All of us.



Are TED talks deteriorating? 

You love a great TED talk, right? But is the platform deteriorating? Benjamin Bratton seems to think so:

So my TED talk is not about my work or my new book – the usual spiel – but about TED itself, what it is and why it doesn’t work.

The first reason is over-simplification.
To be clear, I think that having smart people who do very smart things explain what they doing in a way that everyone can understand is a good thing. But TED goes way beyond that.

Here’s his full talk New Perspectives – What’s Wrong with TED Talks?




“In the Castle of My Skin” 

I stumbled onto this video and have played it (almost) non-stop since. The band (Sons of Kemet) has been dubbed “Afrofuturistic Jazz”. I’m not sure what that means. What I am sure about is the pure dance-inducing goodness of this song and video shot in Johannesburg. Catch the dance moves. Shameless admission: I tried a few of these moves; I couldn’t resist. Let’s just say….I’ll stick to my current creative projects (while secretly practicing. HA!). 

If you’ve come across any interesting articles or videos lately, please share in the comments below! 

May the rest of your week feel like you’re experiencing rain for the first time. Maybe that’s asking for too much.

Enjoy your week!



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