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write the weekend

Can’t seem to fit your writing project in with your busy weekday schedule?

Try writing the weekend. A weekend can be the perfect time to tackle a writing project. I’ve been doing this for 3+ years now, and I’d like to share my methodology with you. It creates a container of time and forces me to approach weekend writing projects with more structure, a strict deadline, and a precise breakdown of the project. 

Write the Weekend is a printable, downloadable workbook of 9 pages that you can use every time you have a weekend-able writing project (something you can complete in a weekend OR break up into a few weekends a month).

This 9-page workbook:

*shows you how to determine if a weekend is enough time for your project

*helps you carve out the weekend time for working on your project

*guides you to creating a structured plan for actually getting the writing done over the two day period

Note: It’s called Write the Weekend, but you can use this workbook for any 2 or 3 consecutive days (it doesn’t have to be Saturday & Sunday).

Cost? Free

Your True Voice is a 5-day email series that helps you write deeper and get in touch with your true voice.

Quick guide to writing in your true voice 

The more you write in your true voice,  the faster and easier it will feel to get into the flow of writing. You’ll also connect on a deeper level with your readers and stand out from the sea of writers and bloggers who sound very much alike.

Get started by signing up here: 

writing and love

If you’ve been struggling with writing projects or rejection or big fears for awhile, it’s time to fall back in love with writing.

Writing + Love is a (free) fun, playful workbook with exercises to help you remember why you write and to remind you of the power of writing to connect loved ones, strangers, the world. It’s time to re-associate writing practice with acts of love. After all, writing is a tool of connection and connection equals love.

Writing + Love will be available for download July 22nd, 2017. Sign up for my bi-monthly email and you’ll be notified upon its release.

Cost? Free


The Writer's Journal

How would it feel to have a safe place to develop your voice, reflect on your writing, and capture your best

ideas and inspirations?


The journal is designed for bloggers, authors, article writers, and anyone else who wants to build and sustain a productive writing practice. 

What’s in the journal? 


Get clear on your writing project goals, resources, and timelines. It’s not enough to want to ‘write a book’ or ‘publish an eCourse’. This section gives you the space and basic structure for laying out a plan to reach your goal. 


Get inspired. Here you’ll find alternating prompts and inspiring writing quotes. The writing prompts are designed to give you a nudge of inspiration and get your creative mind warmed up. If you want to write, but aren’t sure what to write about, use the prompts to get you started.


Space for you to draw, doodle, and paste in photos and images.

Start building your regular writing habit today with the Writer’s Journal. Find out more HERE

raw writingWhat if you could create deeper, more heartfelt connections with your readers?

There are consistent practices and tools for connecting with your true voice and removing the mask (the wall) that sits between you and your reader.

The mask is the filter you’ve learned to write through. It’s what you think keeps you safe and liked and good. Or, for some of us, our mask portrays toughness and unremitting strength. Either way, it’s still a mask. 

But the mask is not who you are.

Deep down, you now this. You want to tap into your most meaningful experiences, the truth of what you passionately believe in, and then share it (unfiltered) on the page.

And I want you to know that you can remove the mask. You can stand out from the crowd, write from the heart, and build strong connections with your readers. 

If you scroll around the web, you’ll notice there’s a lot of sameness. A sea of people and blogs (and now, Kindle books) all resembling each other. I was guilty of this, too. 

The change happened when I started a practice of what I now call raw writing. 

It’s the combination of exercises and thought processes to help uncover your true voice and help you to write deeper.

Raw writing is not about writing style (although the practice of consistent, deep writing, your style and presentation and storytelling will improve)

It’s about developing a practice of deep writing that’s inspired from within.

Find out more about the Raw Writing eCourse HERE


Your True Voice Program

Your writing voice is the deepest possible reflection of who you are. The job of your voice is not to seduce or flatter or make well-shaped sentences. In your voice, your readers should be able to hear the contents of your mind, your heart, your soul. -Meg Rosoff

Stand out from the crowd

Connect with your readers

Write from the heart

Your True Voice is a 4-week online class that will help you re-connect with your authentic voice.

Cost? To be determined.

Release: coming soon (will be released in the summer 2017. Exact date undetermined).  Sign up for my bi-monthly email list and you’ll receive an update when it’s released.

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I'm a writer and storyteller currently living in London and juggling multiple creative projects. I’d like to say that it's always easy, but the truth is there are times when things get messy. Still, it's the life I've chosen, and I love it. My intention is to keep my projects spinning and stay true to my voice.