Hi! I’m Alicia-Joy Pierre.

Writing is the tool I use to share my truth + deeply connect with myself and others.

Take a scroll around this site and you’ll notice I share a lot about writing. And fear. They sit together. It takes courage to write. A lot of it.

It doesn’t take courage to write rehashed blog posts and formulaic articles and books to position yourself as an authority or game Amazon’s algo. (I’ve done all of this in the past. This is a judgment-free zone, just sharing my truth). 

I’m referring to writing that feels deep and challenging. Writing that you show up for day after day, despite the relentless reasons excuses not to (I don’t have the time, motivation, originality, skill, etc.).  Writing that stands out from the cesspool of sameness that pervades most corners of the web. THAT writing takes courage. 

And that’s the type of courage I hope to help you build. Word by word.

Why do I do it?

I have no writing degree or big-name publishing house credits or any other form of traditional validation. What I do have is a passion for words, a deep belief in their ability to connect and inspire, and a heartfelt commitment to you, my reader. If you’ve landed on my site and understand the benefits of writing with courage, welcome. 

My promise to you is to share everything that I’ve learned in my 5+ years of professional writing, including:

*overcoming crippling moments of self-doubt

*connecting with my true writing voice

*moving through writer’s block

*building the courage and discipline for writing and self-publishing books

*finding the confidence to help clients with their most precious writing projects.

If you, too, would like to do any of the above, welcome! I’m grateful you’re here.

On unconventional creative living

Along with my writing projects (poetry, books, and client work), I also do voice and performance work (including oral storytelling and voice narration work). It’s a lot.

I’d like to say that I handle spinning all of my creative projects with ease. But the truth is it’s messy. And beautiful. And sometimes scary. And frequently challenging. Still, I’d have it no other way.

My current life theme: 


That means that…

1. Even though I have multiple projects spinning at the same time, when I am working on one, I am laser focused on just that one thing. 

2. When overwhelm or discontent threaten, I do just one thing. I find one habit or activity that I can change, just one, and change it.

You’ll notice this theme of ‘just one thing’ throughout the articles and podcast here on this website. 

It’s customary to share a few weird fun facts about yourself on a website.

So here goes: 

*Before I became a writer and performer, I was a Registered Nurse. It was a humbling life experience that I believe deeply impacts my writing. I think it’s also the reason I am so into wellness and self-care for writers.

*I’m semi-nomadic. For a few years, I lived my dream of being a digital nomad, living in different countries and exploring new cultures. I’m settled in London (for now). This is where I spent a chunk of my childhood–thus my muddled British accent.

*I’m happy when I’m:



pretending to be a professional black & white photographer

writing (this one is pretty obvious, right?)

on stage (or right before I go on stage, actually)

making a mess with watercolors 

boarding a plane (to someplace new)


I can’t quite decide which of these makes me happiest. I’m thinking to try them all (simultaneously) one day. Or perhaps not. 

Still with me? 

Write courageously

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I'm a writer and storyteller currently living in London and juggling multiple creative projects. I’d like to say that it's always easy, but the truth is there are times when things get messy. Still, it's the life I've chosen, and I love it. My intention is to keep my projects spinning and stay true to my voice.

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