1. I know I “should” write a journal, but it’s the thing that I always quit soonest. I enjoy writing blog posts, and on the occasions when I have kept track of what I’ve done each day, it’s so much easier to give that deeper level of detail that makes posts more alive, but I actually just don’t enjoy it. Any tips for a persistent non-journaller like me?

  2. I used to keep one and I think I’m now inspired to do so again!

  3. I have been blogger for some time. Probably in future I would consider maintaining a journal. Good article.

  4. I’ve been trying to write a journal for years. In spite of all of the technology, I’d like to keep some moments and memories written down.

    • Salim, I, too, prefer handwriting my journal. But I have known a few people who use an online journal and it works for them. It’s just a matter of finding tools that feel best and that we use consistently.

  5. Great advice! I used to keep a journal, but have not kept up on it lately. I definitely need to pick up this habit again!

  6. I do journal, just not consistently. But I have an online journal and a notebook and use them for different things. My notebook is more for affirmations and positive writing only. My online journal is a free for all! 🙂 Nice article! Definitely given me some food for thought!

    • Thanks, Shileen. I think consistent journaling is a struggle for most of us. Glad you found value in this post. 🙂